Entrepreneurs as scientists? If so, how?

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I read a really interesting article today in Portuguese:

O Cientista Empreendedor – Transformando idéias em negócios

In this article, the author Venancio Velloso discusses how entrepreneurs can develop their businesses by being more like scientists. Now I am still learning Portuguese, and also you can not always rely on Google or other translators for really good quality translations, but here I think is the gist of his argument.

  • Many startups create a business plan but then fail to find funding and investment for their ideas
  • Could the development of a business plan be over-rated?
  • The main reason why a business survives is by generating an income
  • Often business plans fail to accurately reflect reality, and hence many businesses fail when predicted incomes fail to be generated
  • The best way to prove a hypothesis (the assumptions in a business plan) are to test them
  • One of the best examples of…

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